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Table Structure for Peachtree

Although I would love to make a picture of the database tables, here are the tables anyway:

ADDRESS.DAT  Customer ShipTo and Vendor RemitTo address data.  Added at V13.
AFLOCAT.DAT   Lookup data for city, state, zipcode and country.  Added at V13 to support pulldown lists.
ALARM.DAT  Alarm events.
ALERT.DAT  Alert events.
AUDITTR.DAT  Audit trail information.
BANKREC.DAT  Temporary file used for reconciliation.
BOM*.DAT  Bill of material data for assemblies.  Added at V11.5. (Partly available with DDE.)
CHART.DAT  Chart of Accounts data. (Available with Export and DDE.)
COMPANY.DAT  Company specific data.  (Available with DDE.)
ConnCO.DAT  Used to control multiple access.  Empty when PT not running.  Has record with Peachtree serial number when PT running.  Probably added at V9.
COST.DAT  Job Cost data.  (Not available with Peachtree First Accounting.)
CUSTOMER.DAT  Customer data. (Available with Export and DDE.)
EMPLOYEE.DAT  Employee data. (Available with Export and DDE.)
EVENTLOG.DAT  Log of certain transactions.
FORECAST.DAT  Created when you use forecasting.
FOREDETL.DAT  Created when you use forecasting.
FA*.DAT  Fixed Asset data. (FALIMIT.DAT
GENERAL.DAT  General and default data.  (Not available with Export.  Only  periods available with DDE.)
GLCOAT.DAT  Text file listing the chart of accounts.  Added at V11.
GRPDATA.DAT  Info about report groups.
INVCHAIN.DAT  Supporting detail for line items.
INVCOMP.DAT  Inventory assembly component data.  Possibly not used starting at V11.
INVCOST.DAT  Details about inventory cost.
INVTAG.DAT  Auxiliary Inventory data.
JOBEST.DAT  Auxiliary job data.
JOBTAG.DAT  V7 only: Auxiliary job data.
JOURNAL.DAT  V7 only: All journal entries are stored in this one file. (Available with Export/DDE.)
JRNLHDR.DAT   V8 and later: Header information for all journals. (Available with Export and DDE)
JRNLROW.DAT   V8 and later: Detail information for all journals. (Available with Export and DDE)
JRNLSNO.DAT   V12 and later: Item serial number data.
LINEITEM.DAT  Inventory item data. (Available with Export and DDE.)
OLACCT.DAT  V13 and later: Purpose unknown.
OLTRANS.DAT  V13 and later: Purpose unknown.
PERMISS.DAT  User permission data.
PHASE.DAT  Job phase data (Not available with Peachtree First Accounting)
PROJECT.DAT  Job data.  (Available with Export and DDE.)
QTYDISC.DAT   V11.5 and later: Contains quantity discount data.
RAISEHST.DAT   V11 and later: Raise history data.  Not used in all flavors.
RECPTTAG.DAT  Receipt tag information. Obsolete but may exist in older data.
REPORT.DAT  Temporary report data.
RPTDATA.DAT  Temporary report data.
RptFiltS.DAT  V11 and later: Report Filter temporary data.
RstyDef.DAT  V8 and later: Contains report styles for report groups.
Rstyle.DAT  V8 and later: Contains constants for each of four styles.
SORTJOB.DAT   V7 only: Report speedup data.
STORETRX.DAT  Obsolete at V13: Memorized Transaction data.
STXHDR.DAT   V13 and later: Memorized Transaction header data.
STXROW.DAT   V13 and later: Memorized Transaction detail data.
TAXAUTH.DAT  Tax Authority data.
TAXCODE.DAT  Sales tax data.
TAXTABLE.DAT  Tax Table data.  (Available with DDE.)
TEMPLATE.DAT  Stores data for template button that appears on various journal forms.
TICKET.DAT  Ticket data. (Available with Export. Not available in First Accounting.)
UNITMEAS.DAT   V11.5 and later: Unit of measure data.
UPS*.DAT  V12 and later: UPS Shipping information.
UserPref.DAT  V8 and later: PT Today settings.
VENDINS.DAT  V13 and later: Vendor insurance data.
VENDOR.DAT  Vendor data. (Available with Export and DDE.)
WORKTKT.DAT  V11.5 and later: Work Ticket data.